What is a computer router hub?

Answer In defining a computer router hub, it is important to explain the purpose of the router and the purpose of the hub separately. The router interconnects with networks and routes packets of informati... Read More »

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What Is a Computer Router?

A router is a networking device that works to coordinate traffic between networks. It uses internal databases called routing tables to direct network to the appropriate destination or prevent acces... Read More »

How Do I Get A New Computer Without Wireless To Connect To My Router That's Connected To My Other Computer?

What is a computer-controlled router?

A computer-controlled, or CNC, router is a machine used to make complex shapes and cuts in wood, metal and other materials. CNC routers are programmed from a computer system. Because the cuts are c... Read More »

I been told i need a router and receiver to allow me to use my computer in any room i only have 1 computer?

you dont need a reciever. if your laptop has wireless built in then all you need is a wireless router. it should give you range of up to 300 ft with most routers. if your laptop does not have wirel... Read More »