What is a computer power source?

Answer A computer power source is the part of a computer responsible for supplying electrical power to the machine. Along with distribution, it also provides protection to the system and, in the case of d... Read More »

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I'm building a computer how much power should my power source provide?

If your building your own then don't skimp on power.Getting a higher rating than you need means the PSU will not break into a sweatand it leaves you loads of room to upgrade components at a later d... Read More »

Can you wire 120v AC power from a 24v DC power source?

Generally speaking, you can "invert" 24-volt (DC) power to 120-volt (AC) power, using power inverter equipment. Because 120-volt AC powered devices rely on amperage as well as voltage, you should ... Read More »

How to Tap the Power Source on Your Car?

The primary power source on a car is the 12-volt battery. It supplies power to all of the other accessories that are found on the vehicle. Additional accessories can be added by tapping into the ex... Read More »

What is a power source?

A power source is something that generates power, such as the sun, wind and fossil fuels. A power source also could be a power plant or generator that supplies power to outlets, such as a light bul... Read More »