What is a computer optical drive?

Answer Optical drive is a blanket term for all drives that read or write to discs by way of lasers. These lasers "see" and read the tiny crevices and ridges on the surface of discs, which contain all of t... Read More »

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What is a DVD-RW optical drive?

A DVD-RW drive is also known as an optical drive, which enables a computer to read and write data from or to a DVD. The "RW" in the name signifies that the drive is capable of repeatedly rewriting ... Read More »

Can you have an optical drive and a floppy drive on the same pc?

You can install a floppy drive and an optical drive in the same PC, providing that the motherboard has the appropriate connections for both types of drives. Although floppy drives have become less ... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of Optical Drive?

Optical drives are one of several different kinds of media readers common not only to computers, but to sound and theater systems.

What is an optical drive on a notebook?

An optical drive on a notebook computer is a disc drive using media read by a laser. CD-ROM drives, DVD drives and Blu-ray drives are all optical drives. Some optical drives can write as well as re... Read More »