What is a computer operator?

Answer Computer operators use computer hardware, computer software and data processing equipment. These skilled professionals monitor computer information and maintain computer logs. Employers seek applic... Read More »

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Computer Operator Job Descriptions?

Opportunities for entry-level computer operators are decreasing in the wake of rapid computer system advancements and improved software applications. Custom-designed computer software and operating... Read More »

What Education Is Needed to Be a Computer Operator?

Computer operators control and monitor computers and other data processing equipment to utilize information for business or science. Although there are no exact educational criteria required for ac... Read More »

C++ code - "no match for 'operator<<' in 'std::operator<<"?

setfill needs a character as argument.Do checkup whether it can be used like this or not.You can achieve this by callingcout.fill('*'); also

Why did the radio operator cut off another operator on the titanic?