What is a computer hard disk drive?

Answer A computer hard disk drive is a storage device found inside of a personal computer. The hard disk drive is made up of magnetic platters and a head that reads and writes data to the platters. Just... Read More »

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How to Change a Computer Hard Drive Disk?

This guide is going to take you through simple step to changing your hard drive

How to Diagnose a Computer Hard Disk Drive?

Your computer's hard disk drive, referred to herein as "drive", is where all of your programs, files, and operating system(s) are stored. The drive is a delicate device, with multiple magnetic-sens... Read More »

My computer keeps saying low disk space. do i need a bigger hard drive ?

If you copy some documents, images, songs, movies etc from C drive/partition to either to another partition D, E etc if there are any, or copy them to cd/dvd and then delete them off from the C dri... Read More »

Why is it so hard to find an external floppy disk drive for my computer?

If you have working USB ports on your computers, you could try a USB floppy drive. Many mail order companies, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA all carry them.Better yet, get a USB flash drive. They... Read More »