What is a computer forensics specialist?

Answer Computer forensics is a discipline that specializes in the collection, preservation and examination of information from electronic media such as hard disks and computer memory.Common ActivitiesSpec... Read More »

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Computer Forensics Training in Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery?

A company or agency that has a computer network may at some point find itself having to deal with some kind of electronic-related crime or misbehavior. It could be external, such as a hacker, or it... Read More »

What is a computer forensics examiner?

A computer forensics examiner examines digital media (including computers, memory cards and other electronic storage) to locate data, including potentially hidden or previously deleted data. This e... Read More »

What does dd stand for in computer forensics?

In computer forensics, the term "dd" represents a command used to retrieve files and other information on a computer installed with a Linux operating system. Sometimes called the "data destroyer," ... Read More »

What Education Is Needed for Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics, or digital forensics, is the study of events in computer systems for use in solving related crimes, according to Forensic computer analysts in 2010 earned ... Read More »