What is a computer driver?

Answer In computers, a driver (also known as a device driver) is a small piece of software code that tells the computer how to interface with an installed hardware device. All operating systems use device... Read More »

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What is a computer device driver?

A computer device driver is software code containing instructions that your operating system uses to control hardware. Operating systems use generic instructions for hardware. For example, a generi... Read More »

What is a driver buffer in computer terminology?

A driver buffer is an area of computer memory temporarily used to store software. It allows a computer to communicate with hardware devices, such as graphics cards, webcams and network interface ca... Read More »

What does the term computer driver mean?

The Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems all behave differently under the hood. One of the ways in which Windows distinguishes itself is in how it handles drivers.Driver BasicsDr... Read More »

What driver do I need to download if my computer won't find wireless connections?

justin there are a lot of things that can cause a wireless connection list not to show. It's not always the driver but you can check if it's there. You can check your drivers on Windows computers... Read More »