What is a computational linguist?

Answer Linguistics is a field that studies language and communication. Linguists evaluate elements of language, such as verbal and written communication, and the grammar of languages.There are many specia... Read More »

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What is a computational grid?

A computational grid is a network of computer resources that is applied to provide parallel processing capabilities. It's used when a large number of computer processing cycles are required. Softwa... Read More »

What is the role of a linguist?

Simply stated, the role of a linguist is to study language. A linguist can spend his entire career studying and comparing different languages around the world to figure out how they work.SoundOne r... Read More »

What does a linguist study?

Linguists scientifically study language, according to the Linguistic Society of America. This study includes local, national and global dialects, the structure of sounds and phrases, syntax, semant... Read More »

What is the highest salary for a linguist?

The highest salary for a linguist, as of 2010, is $77,967. The industry in which you work will determine your salary. For example, if you work as a consultancy linguist, your salary can be $69,079,... Read More »