What is a comprehensive claim?

Answer Answer 1 --Liability insurance vs comp.The quick answer is that you can have two types of car insurance. One kind called liability insurance only covers damage to another driver's car (and the hosp... Read More »

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What is a comprehensive car insurance claim?

A comprehensive car insurance claim is a request by a policyholder to receive money, according to the terms of the comprehensive insurance policy, for damages or loss regarding the vehicle that is ... Read More »

What is an auto insurance comprehensive claim?

An auto insurance comprehensive claim is the process of submitting a request for coverage on a loss covered under a comprehensive auto insurance policy. This type of vehicle insurance pays for expe... Read More »

Is an accident involving a pedestrian a comprehensive or a collision claim?

An accident involving a pedestrian is a collision claim. Comprehensive insurance covers losses from events such as theft or fire. Collision insurance provides coverage when your vehicle collides wi... Read More »

In FL if you file a comprehensive claim on a financed car when the quote is more than the costs to repair what happens?

Answer That's a question for a different forum. It depends on your parents and their ideals and ideology and income.