What is a component stereo system?

Answer A component stereo system is simply one containing stereo "separates," such as a stand-alone amplifier and CD player, rather than an all-in-one sound unit like a tabletop radio.Parts of a component... Read More »

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How can I play internet radio (Slacker, etc.), from my cell to my home stereo system My stereo has a USB port?

You user the headphone jack from the phone attached to aux in on the stereo either RCA in or Mini 3.5 jack in; you also need the appropriate cord in order to do this.....

To hookup a stereo system to a home theater system do I use the auxilary input to what on Reciever?

I don't quite understand, your surround receiver should have an AM/FM receiver and anything else such as a turn table or CD player (which you should be able to use your DVD player for) can be plugg... Read More »

What does each component mean for CIA of information system?

TheFBI and the CIA just don't tend to communicate well with each other... I would say they do NOT.

What is a component speaker system?

True audiophiles may desire more performance than the standard car audio system can deliver. Component speakers allow efficient placement of system elements and direct music frequencies to the prop... Read More »