What is a common Japanese food or drink with a strong odor?

Answer Sake is a Japanese rice wine and is rather bland to the smell.Wasabi has a strong smell.Dune

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How to Get Strong Odor out of a Mattress?

Getting a stale or bad odor out of a mattress requires sunshine!

Do hamsters have a strong odor?

All hamsters have scent glands located near their hips, which begin to emit odor once they reach sexual maturity. The strength of the odor varies by hamster, from undetectable to very strong. The f... Read More »

Does grout cleaner have a strong odor?

Classic grout cleaners still used today have a strong and dangerous odor. However, there are new techniques such as pressurized steam spray with a simultaneous vacuum recovery system, which is the ... Read More »

Reasons for Strong Body Odor?

Insert decals are typically found on cars. They usually display the name of the car or a logo of some sort. These decals can be made of vinyl or stainless steel and come in almost any color. Eventu... Read More »