Can commissary employees shop at the commissary?

Answer Commissary employees are only eligible to shop at a commissary if they are a military spouse, retired military person or a veteran. Employees who are civilians are not eligible. Others who are elig... Read More »

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What is commissary?

Commissaries are tax-free grocery stores for military personnel and their families. There are 284 commissaries at U.S. military installations worldwide that function much like regular civilian supe... Read More »

Who is eligible to use a commissary?

All military personal, including active-duty, retired, and reserve members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and National Guard, are eligible to shop at commissaries. Families, disabled ve... Read More »

Is there a military commissary in Turkey?

The Ankara Air Station Commissary is located in Turkey in a section of the city known as Balgat. The facility was originally established in 1988 as the 16th Air Force War Support System. Once this ... Read More »

What county is North Island Commissary?

The North Island Commissary is located in the Naval Air Station North Island in the village of Coronado, in San Diego County. The North Island station is a part of the Navy Base Coronado installati... Read More »