How to Fix Comma Splice Errors?

Answer Punctuation can make the difference between clear writing and a confusing jumble of words. Commas have many grammatical uses that include separating items in lists, separating adjectives and integ... Read More »

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How to Identify and Fix a Comma Splice?

Poor comma placement will destroy even the nicest, most eloquent essays. A comma splice is a common error in English consisting of joining two independent clauses with only a comma. Once you recogn... Read More »

What does a comma mean?

A comma is a punctuation mark that is used to separate parts of a sentence. It usually shows where the reader should take a breath while reading out loud. Commas help the reader figure out which wo... Read More »

What Is a Lap Splice in Soldering?

Lap splices are used to connect electrical wiring. A lap splice involves the ends of two conductors being placed parallel to and overlapping each other before being soldered together. The conductor... Read More »

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