What is a comfortable 3D TV that's also a full HD 3D TV?

Answer There are two type of 3D television currently available. LG uses a passive type while most other manufacturers use an active type. Full HD resolution is only obtained by active models as the passiv... Read More »

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What is the most comfortable full figure bra?

On One Hand: Underwires Offer SupportMost full-figure bras feature underwire for one simple reason: by reinforcing the bottom of the bra cup, underwires provide the best support. They relieve press... Read More »

Could someone recommend a great camera thats also very inexpensive?

Canon SD1100 IS3X optical zoom, 8 megapixels, has image stabilizer, and fairly quick "next shot delay" for a point and shoot.

Can you recommend me a 3D TV that is a Full HD as well as comfortable 3D TV?

For full HD perception, active 3D televisions are the only choice. Passive televisions split the lines to two images so each eye sees only 540 lines. Compare that against the 576 lines for standard... Read More »

What full HD projector has excellent 2d image but also handles 3d really well.?

Lots of projectors can do 3D, the price range is a bit low but check out…There are a couple that would fit your budget. It's a US site but it will get you ... Read More »