What would cause lines on the leaves of a Columbine plant?

Answer These may be the marks left by leaf miners if they are white and just under the surface. The grub that causes the tunnel will be inside of it somewhere. You can hand squash them or spray with ready... Read More »

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How to Plant Columbine?

The columbine, with its long graceful stem and colorful flower, is a native plant of Colorado and has been named the official flower of the state. However, columbines are relatively hardy flowers a... Read More »

About Columbine Flowers?

A columbine flower can be one of over 50 members of the genus Aquilegia, and is from the family Ranunculaceae. The columbine grows in Asia, Europe and North America, where it is the Colorado state ... Read More »

How do I care for columbine plants?

LocationPlant the columbine in any well-drained soil. This plant is not extremely picky as to the soil type, it can be grown in sandy soil to a medium loam as long as it is well-draining and not he... Read More »

How do I plant columbine seeds?

Sowing the SeedsPre-chill columbine seeds in the refrigerator for at least three days before planting. Sow seeds directly outdoors in the fall or early spring with a very light covering of sand or ... Read More »