What is a college disbursement?

Answer they will give you a check for what money you did not use on books and tuition out of your grants and scholarships.

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How does financial aid disbursement work?

Well they will process all of your paperwork (if your student information is online like most schools, just keep checking your financial aid status under your student login and make sure they aren'... Read More »

Can I Take an Economic Hardship Disbursement From My 401k?

For people facing financial difficulties, a retirement fund such as a 401k account may offer access to cash. However, not all plans allow hardship disbursements, and there are significant penalties... Read More »

Do You Have to File Taxes on a Pension Disbursement of $10,000?

Pensions provide income to you when you retire. This income might represent a large part of your total retirement income. Regardless of how much this actually provides for your retirement, taxes ar... Read More »

How to Find an Employee for a 401(k) Employer Forced Disbursement?

Employers who offer 401k programs have a responsibility to contact former employees to find out where they want their funds distributed. However, employees who move without leaving a forwarding add... Read More »