What is a college credit?

Answer College credit is short for "credit hour" and is a measurement of the amount of time you're in a class per week. Each course you take is a certain number of credits and you'll be required to comple... Read More »

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What is the name of the credit accepted by a college for classes taken at their previous college?

When students transfer from one college to another, the new college will often honor previously earned credits. The term applied to these previous credits, according to the University of Maryland, ... Read More »

How do I get life experience college credit at Washtenaw Community College?

Gaining Credit for ExperienceStudents at Washtenaw Community College may earn credit for life experience only if the documented experience is equivalent to that of a current WCC program. Credit may... Read More »

What is a good apr on a credit card for a college student?

On One Hand: Less Than 15 Percent APRCollege students seeking credit cards can expect to receive an annual percentage rate (APR) of around 15 percent, according to A 2010 survey of... Read More »

What is it called when you take a college course for no credit?

Taking a class without receiving credit is referred to as "auditing" a course. Generally, you go to class and still pay tuition and fees, but you do not complete course assignments or take exams, a... Read More »