Can i treat a coldsore with ear wax?

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What can i do to stop a coldsore before it even starts?

The lysine works well. It is what I use. If it does not stop it, it can't be stopped.

Coldsore scab on nose.... help! I need this to heal FAST!?

If it's not healing properly, it may be infected in which case you'll need a dose of antibiotics. It's infected if it is continuously weeping fluid, or there's pus, it's turning green or yellow, an... Read More »

I can feel a coldsore coming on and I would like to prevent it from actually appearing?

Toothpaste might help, but normally I use a cream against it and there are many available. For me Zovirax works perfect, but you might get others in the drugstore against an cold sore..

Everytime i get a cold & blow my nose alot, i get like a sore on my nose, like a coldsore?

if it keeps reoccurring when you get a cold, it could be a cold sore (hepititis virus). As your immune system is down, it causes the virus to activate.Unfortunately if it is a cold sore virus in y... Read More »

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