What is a coin with a minting error called?

Answer In coin collecting, coins with minting errors are called FIDOs, which stands for freaks, irregulars, defects and oddities. FIDOs are the coins most sought after by collectors, since the coins are r... Read More »

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What is a coin collector called?

A person who collects coins is formally known as a numismatist. This term is derived from the word "numismatics," which is the collection and study of coins and other currency. The English word is ... Read More »

What is a coin expert called?

A coin collector is known as a numismatist. In addition to coin collecting, the field of numismatics includes studying past and present currency, medals and metal tokens from all cultures. Coin col... Read More »

How to Simulate a Fair Coin Toss With a Biased Coin?

Coin tosses are a popular way of picking a random winner. Usually it suffices to simply nominate one outcome heads, the other tails, and flip the coin to decide, but what if one party to the disput... Read More »

How to Simulate a Biased Coin Toss With a Fair Coin?

We often use a coin toss to choose from two equally preferable outcomes, but can also use one to break a three way tie, or in other situations where you want a probability distribution other than 5... Read More »