What is a coin proof set?

Answer Coin proof sets are sample sets of new coins issued by governments before they introduce the coin to the public. Governments use the proof set to check the quality of the coin, as well as to provid... Read More »

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What does"proof"mean for a coin?

A proof coin is a coin of the highest quality. It has a mirrored finish and full strike. Proof blanks are hand-polished and cleaned before being fed into special presses. They are struck at least t... Read More »

How do i know if my krugerrand is a proof coin?

Since 1967 Kruggerands have been available to purchase for private ownership, and since 1975 U.S. citizens have been allowed to purchase them as well. For coin collectors in particular, there is a ... Read More »

What is a proof in coin collecting?

In numismatic terms, a proof is a coin or set struck for presentation or as a souvenir that is not intended for general circulation with other coins. The U.S. Mint has produced proof coins and sets... Read More »

What is a type 2 United States proof coin set?

A type 2 proof set refers to a set of the second design of a particular coin minted during a particular year using the proof mint process, which makes the background shiny and gives the raised face... Read More »