What is a coffee press?

Answer The coffee press, also known as the "French press" is a revered instrument in the heart of the coffee connoisseur. It is a glass pitcher, cylindrical in shape and has a metal "plunger" with an att... Read More »

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Can a very fine coffee grind like "Turkish Coffee" be prepared by French Press?

The French press requires a coarse grind because it uses a coarse screen to filter out the grounds. If you use a Turkish grind you'll get lots of silt in your cup. Of course, you get that when you ... Read More »

How to Make Coffee With a Coffee Press?

A coffee press, sometimes called a French press or plunger pot, is often hailed by coffee enthusiasts as the best method for brewing coffee. A coffee press is one of the few brewing methods that al... Read More »

What is a french press coffee maker?

A French press is a device used to make coffee. Making coffee in a French press instead of brewing coffee in a conventional coffee maker produces a stronger and more full-bodied cup of coffee. Fren... Read More »

What is the difference between a coffee maker& a French press?

Coffee is a popular beverage in cultures all over the world. The drip coffee maker and French press are two very different but very common methods for brewing coffee.Coffee Maker DesignA coffee mak... Read More »