What is a cobbler apron?

Answer A cobbler apron is a garment that covers the chest and back of the wearer. It extends to mid thigh and has ties on each side. It is commonly worn while doing light labor such as housework or shopke... Read More »

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What is a cobbler?

Cobbler is a dessert, often made in summer due to the availability of fresh fruit during that time. However you can also use frozen or canned fruit and make it any time. The "cobbler" part of the f... Read More »

What is a fruit cobbler?

The basic definition of a fruit cobbler is a deep-dish fruit pie. It contains fruit topped with a thick biscuit-crust or crumb topping. Cobbler recipes may call for a single fruit or a combination ... Read More »

How to Sew a Tea Towel Apron?

Convert your favourite teatowel into a full length apronA tea towel apron is a great way to use favourite tea towels that you'd rather have on display than tucked away in the linen closet. Here is ... Read More »

How to Make a BBQ Hat and Apron?

There isn't a much better way to throw a great get-together or party than to kick things off with an awesome barbeque. Just one problem: Without a hat or apron you may not get the respect you deser... Read More »