What is a clutch slip?

Answer A clutch slip happens when the driven disk fails to rotate at the normal speed when the clutch is fully engaged. This result is the clutch's pressure plate failing to hold the disc firmly against t... Read More »

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How to Slip the Clutch?

When you slip the clutch--also known as feathering--you're essentially letting the clutch pedal up slowly. This is good for giving you increased control of the vehicle and a nice smooth start, but ... Read More »

What Is Clutch Slip & Drag?

Clutch slipping and clutch drag are two problems that can occur as clutches wear out. They are opposite problems that can occur with any clutch on any type of vehicle and require some type of repai... Read More »

How to Slip a Motorcycle Clutch?

Slipping the clutch is a technique used frequently by motorcycle stunt riders to initiate a wheelie. By slipping, or partially disengaging, the clutch, the transfer of rotational energy from the mo... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of a Slip Clutch?

Slip clutches, also commonly referred to as slipper clutches, let motorcycle transmissions partly disengage when there is a reduction in power. This helps the rider avoid losing traction from chain... Read More »