What is a closed primary state?

Answer According to the Voting and Democracy Research Center, a closed primary is an election in which registered party members elect the candidate for their party. Closed primary states require individua... Read More »

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What is a closed primary?

A closed primary election is a method of determining which candidate from each party is going to be on the final ballot. In a closed primary, a voter is only allowed to choose between candidates of... Read More »

Closed Vs. Open Primary?

Every two years, American voters go to the polls to choose their elected representatives. Primaries are an integral part of this democratic process, but not every state uses the same type of early ... Read More »

Open Vs. Closed Primary Elections?

A primary is an election in which political parties' nominees for office are decided. In the United States, primary voters will either inhabit a state that has an open primary system or a closed pr... Read More »

Is Penn State closed on Columbus Day?

According to the academic calendar of the Pennsylvania State University registrar, Columbus Day is a normal day, with classes scheduled. The only holidays when classes are cancelled in the fall sem... Read More »