What is a client application in Linux desktop?

Answer Any Linux desktop software that a user controls interactively and that must connect to a remote server to function fully is a client application. A Web browser, an email program and Internet chat s... Read More »

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What is a thin client application?

A thin client application is an application that is made to run with the bulk of the work being done by a server, as opposed to a thick or fat client application, which does most of the work with t... Read More »

What is the concept of a thin-client application?

A thin client is basically a program that does little more than connect to a remote server and provide a way for the user to work with a remotely hosted program. Microsoft's Smart Client framework ... Read More »

How to Remove Websense From a Desktop Client?

Websense is a web filtering application that blocks access to specific websites. This software is used mostly for the business environment and school computers. It is also used for home computers. ... Read More »

Is there any thing related to remote desktop server and client?

The school is probably using a Multipoint server:…Another possibility is running a Windows Server OS as a Terminal Server.For Home use be much cheaper to j... Read More »