How to Be Clever?

Answer Many people wish to be looked on as smart. Also, to be looked on as creative, and crafty with your situation And if you're not naturally one who strikes people as clever, you can learn some gesture... Read More »

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How to Look Clever when You're Not?

You're not very smart, you want to have smart friends, or just date a smart girl/boy without looking stupid ? I know how sad and idiot you feel. I have some good news : You are not over. You stil... Read More »


nope. i am thirteen and my IQ is 138. now that is what u call smart.

How to Be Clever but Not Nerdy?

Many of you fabulous people out there have a helpful, amazing talent, thanks to your brains. Hopefully, you use it! However, some of those people are thought to be "nerds". In this article, I will ... Read More »

My 5yr old is too clever for her class?

There is soooo much more to education than academics. Very few children are so advanced that they should be advanced ahead of their peers. You can supplement your daughter's education with extra ... Read More »