What is a clementine orange&how many calories does it have?

Answer A clementine is a sweet orange from the rutaceae family of fruits. They are small, with thin, loose skins, and are easy to peel and easy to eat. The color is dark orange.HistoryAccording to Practic... Read More »

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What has more calories a tangerine or a clementine?

A tangerine would have more calories. It has 50 calories, and the clementine only has 35.

What is a clementine?

Although sometimes called a tangerine because of its small size, the clementine is a small eating orange that is grown in Spain and North Africa. In recent years the citrus fruit has become an incr... Read More »

What is a clementine tangerine?

According to legend, Father Clement Rodier discovered this hybrid growing in an Algerian orphanage garden. Bearing his name, the clementine is a hybrid or "cross between tangerine and sour orange."... Read More »

Types of Clementine Trees?

Clementine fruits are the miniature oranges available in the produce departments of grocery stores around the world. These small fruits grow on Clementine trees cultivated by commercial growers and... Read More »