What is a cleanse?

Answer Cleansing can refer to a number of processes, ranging from household cleaning to personal hygiene. However, in most cases the term "cleanse" is used to describe a process designed for removing bodi... Read More »

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What is ion cleanse detoxification?

Ion cleanse detoxification is a process of ridding the body of toxins through the generation of positive and negative ions through a foot bath. The foot bath water changes in color, identifying the... Read More »

What is a yeast cleanse?

A yeast cleanse is a treatment in alternative medicine in which a person tries to eliminate the harmful yeast in the system by taking a collection of colon cleansers and anti-fungals such as oregan... Read More »

What is a candida cleanse?

Candida is a type of yeast that naturally occurs in the body's intestine and aids in digestion. In some patient's with weak immune systems this otherwise useful bacteria can cause infections. Accor... Read More »

What Is Ultra Cleanse?

Ultra Cleanse Hair is a shampoo and conditioner combination that cleanses the hair of impurities and removes foreign chemicals. Ultra Cleanse is marketed as a a detoxing cleanser that prepares the ... Read More »