What is a cleaning sponge made of?

Answer Absolute Astronomy states that most commonly used sponges are made of plastic polymers or cellulose wood fibers. Additional sponge materials include low-density polyether, polyvinyl alcohol and pol... Read More »

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What is a kitchen sponge made of?

The kitchen sponge is manufactured using ground wood pulp fibers layered with a chemical process of liquid carbon and a caustic sodium metallic base. It is then acid-washed, shaped, bleached and re... Read More »

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What type of sponge is sponge bob square pants?

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What are cleaning sponges made of?

Natural sponges are dried sea creatures with a soft skeleton made of spongin and porous, leathery skin. Today, most cleaning sponges are synthetic, made from cellulose (broken down from wood pulp w... Read More »