What is a class P submarine?

Answer There were 2 types of P Class submarines, the United States' Porpoise Class, and the Royal Navy's Parthian Class. Porpoise Class The first true U.S. Fleet Submarines, the Porpoise Class boats (P-1,... Read More »

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What Class submarine introduced the all electric drive to the US submarine force?

What is An X-Class submarine?

The X-class was a 4-man midget submarine built for the British Royal Navy between 1943-44. You can read more about its history at the Wiki entry link below.

What class of submarine was Kursk?

The Kursk was an Oscar II class submarine, of the Russian Navy.

What was the first submarine made out of?

The first submarine was built in 1624 by celebrated Dutch inventor Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, who was known for building a perpetual motion pump and clock, as well as a water supply system, acco... Read More »