What is a claims examiner?

Answer Claims examiners work with organizations and government agencies. These skilled administrative professionals are hired to determine the amount of a claim based on company guidelines. Employers seek... Read More »

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Medical Claims Examiner Job Description?

A medical claims examiner (sometimes called a health insurance claims examiner or a claims examiner) processes payment claims related to medical treatment and determines whether or not to pay the c... Read More »

What Is a Bankruptcy Examiner?

You must go to court to declare bankruptcy, and all of your financial records must be presented to the court for examination. A bankruptcy examiner is a professional appointed by the court in bankr... Read More »

What is a forensic examiner?

Forensic examiners are professionals that use the principles of different fields to contribute to legal cases. The cases they work on can be part of the criminal or civil court system, and they oft... Read More »

What is a computer forensics examiner?

A computer forensics examiner examines digital media (including computers, memory cards and other electronic storage) to locate data, including potentially hidden or previously deleted data. This e... Read More »