How to Dissolve a Civil Union?

Answer Civil unions are not marriage in the legal sense. Typically, civil unions pertain to same-sex couples involved in long-term relationships. Like any marriage, when it ends, "divorcing" the other per... Read More »

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What do the stripes stand for on the Civil War Union flag?

The stripes on the Civil War Union flag symbolize the original 13 states who had joined together in 1776. The flag had 33 stars at the beginning of the Civil War and 35 stars when it ended, which s... Read More »

What does 'in a civil union' and 'in a domestic partnership' mean on facebook?

in a civil union is for gay people. and in a domestic partnership is like whoever u are living with and "in bed" with them no matter if u are gay.

California Civil Union Rights Vs. Marriage?

A civil union in California is called a domestic partnership and it is a legal union between two people recognized and governed at the state level. Marriage is a legal union recognized and governed... Read More »

What is the miles of railroad union army had in civil war?

At the start of the war there was 1,016 miles of railroad and it began to drop as the war wore on since both sides began to destroy the tracks. In 1862 there were 720 miles, 1863 574 miles, 1864 94... Read More »