A city that starts with the letter m?

Answer a city that starts with the letter m

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Can any body help me to know the Platform No from train no. 12295 Sanghamitra Exp. starts from Bangalore City?

If you see the platform of the trains are not fixed and they may change at later but since now it is 1 because this train has it source from Bengaluru and any train starting from source usually hav... Read More »

What is the difference between a website that starts with “http://” and one that starts with “https://”?

Https: is a secure, encrypted connection. This is what you need to look for whenever you shop on line to be sure that your connection (and information) is safe.If you go to a website that starts ... Read More »

Truck starts hard after sitting long but starts fine only when sitting a short while?

it could be several problems main 3 to start with are spark air fuelmost likely your fuel lines or filter could have build up or pressure lossalso a bad wire to starter or your air filter could nee... Read More »

In the final episode of Sex In The City which city was Carrie visiting when she found her necklace at the bottom of her handbag?

Carrie was in Paris with Petrovsky and she found her necklace inside the lining of her bag when she was waiting for Petrovsky at his new art exhibition.