What is a circuit tester?

Answer This is a device that tests a circuit to see if electrical power is reaching it. Circuit testers can be found at any hardware store or at home improvements suppliers. They are relatively inexpensi... Read More »

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How to Use a Circuit Tester on a Car?

A circuit tester is a simple mechanism in the form of a pen with a light bulb and a ground lead with an alligator clip. The circuit tester is used for locating live (battery positive) wires and gro... Read More »

How to Use a 6/12 Volt Circuit Tester?

Electricity makes life better: it powers appliances and automobile, and bends the extremes of hot and cold toward a bearable, warm mean. It's a beloved friend that can harm or even kill if not resp... Read More »

What does open hot mean on a circuit tester?

An open hot means that there is a break or open circuit in the black or red "hot", or electrified, wire between the test point and the main power panel. Current flows from the black wire to the whi... Read More »

How to Use a 12-Volt Circuit Tester?

Power is supplied to a vehicle's engine ignition, electric door locks, alarm systems and other accessories by the 12-volt circuitry that runs throughout the vehicle. When a circuit fails, you will ... Read More »