What is a church pulpit?

Answer A church pulpit is traditionally a stand that is positioned at the front of a church or cathedral where a gospel or scriptural lesson is conducted. It is generally positioned in an area that is ele... Read More »

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What is a church pulpit used for?

A church pulpit is a special stand from which preachers conduct a service. It is usually an elevated platform that can support a Bible. Pulpits can be made from materials like wood, acrylic or Plex... Read More »

What is a pulpit used for?

In a church, a pulpit is a raised structure from which the sermon, or homily, is delivered. The pulpit may also be a place where the church service is conducted. In a factory, a pulpit is used as a... Read More »

What is a pulpit?

The term pulpit has a number of meanings, but the most common is an elevated platform in a church. The pulpit is where a clergyman stands to conduct a sermon. A less common meaning is the railing a... Read More »

Pulpit Styles?

The design of pulpits has changed dramatically over the centuries. There was a day when clergymen climbed staircases to enter the pulpit, so they could tower over the parishioners below them. Perha... Read More »