What is a church altar used for?

Answer An altar in a church is typically a raised structure where the Communion takes place. There is usually more than one altar in a church, but the High Altar is the main altar where the sacrifice is o... Read More »

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What is an altar in a church?

An altar in a church is the table used for Communion which is placed in the chancel, where the clergy conducts the service. While Lutherans and Anglicans use the term altar, Protestants prefer the ... Read More »

How to Be an Altar Server in the Catholic Church?

Altar servers at MassIn many Catholic churches, the priest likes to have three to six altar servers to help them do the Mass. Although once prohibited in the Catholic Church, female altar servers a... Read More »

What Is an Altar Used For?

Once a place of ritual sacrifice for ancient cultures like the Maya, according to Science Daily, altars have a deep-rooted connection to many of the world's religions and spiritual philosophies. M... Read More »

What is a lectern used for in a church?

A lectern is a speaker's stand in the front of the church, traditionally on the right side. It is used for Bible readings, announcements, leading the congregation in prayer and scripture lessons. I... Read More »