What is a chrysalis made out of?

Answer A chrysalis, or cocoon, is a protective casing that insects use during their transformation or metamorphosis. It is generally made from silk or another fiber created by the insect and spun during t... Read More »

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How to Identify a Chrysalis or Cocoon?

So, you've found little sacs of something hanging from leaves or branches and wonder if it could be caterpillars' shelters for moths and butterflies, webs or even curled-up dead leaves. You need on... Read More »

Chrysalis Agape Ideas?

Chrysalis is a three-day Christian spiritual retreat geared toward students age 15 to 18 and young adults age 19 to 24 that takes place several times throughout the year in Chrysalis retreat center... Read More »

How to Make a Chrysalis for a Classroom?

Children become excited when they see transformations, especially in living things. Watching a caterpillar form a chrysalis and transform into a butterfly can be one of the highlights of the academ... Read More »

How long does a butterfly stay in a chrysalis?

A butterfly's life cycle starts with an egg. Then it becomes a caterpillar which spends time in a cocoon, or chrysalis, before becoming a butterfly. A caterpillar stays in the chrysalis for about t... Read More »