What is a chopper motorcycle?

Answer Choppers, or chopped motorcycles, are motorcycles modified so much that they become one of a kind. While it is possible to chop any motorcycle, a very common type to be cropped is the Harley-Davids... Read More »

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Chopper Motorcycle History?

Appearing in movies like "Easy Rider" (1969) and "Pulp Fiction" (1994), choppers are significantly customized motorcycles. Choppers are distinguished from motorcycles, as the former has a stripped ... Read More »

What do u like a chopper or a modern motorcycle?

I prefer modern(cruiser)for comfort and long haul.I would like to own a chopper one day as a second bike,around town...etc.Choppers are called,by some,bar hopper bikes,just short distances.

What makes a motorcycle a chopper?

The term "chopper" is often used to describe any custom motorcycle. However, while there are many variations in chopper designs, there are some basic features that define all choppers.HistoryChoppe... Read More »

How to Build a Chopper Motorcycle?

Choppers have evolved into rolling works of art.Most motorcycle enthusiasts trace choppers back to World War II vets coming home from tours of duty, particularly in Europe, who wanted to rekindle s... Read More »