What is a chipping hammer?

Answer In the early days of masonry, chisels worked just fine, because that was the best thing they had. Modern-day masons and other trade workers, however, use better tools such as chipping hammers to do... Read More »

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How do I remove ceramic tile with a chipping hammer?

Using a Chipping HammerFit the chipping hammer with a tile bit. Put on protective gloves and goggles. Turn on the chipping hammer, and press the bit into the first line of tile at a slight angle so... Read More »

If you had a hammer would you hammer in the morning?

no in the evening and piss the neighbours off

What Causes Paint Chipping on Cars?

Due to the high expectations placed on car paint---a lustrous shine, an ability to stand up to extreme weather, etc.---it is some of the most sophisticated paint you can buy. The downside is that w... Read More »

What are all the steps to repainting a chipping gunite pool?

Answer I am having the same situation, my pool is coated with rubber chlorinated (I presume). Chips are mostly caused by different factors such as: paint application on damp surface or badly prepar... Read More »