What is a chip fracture?

Answer A chip fracture, also referred to as an avulsion fracture, is when a part of the body is injured near a tendon. The chip fracture occurs when the tendon pulls off a small part of the bone. Generall... Read More »

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Can I play volleyball with a minor chip fracture in my wrist?

It may be a minor chip fracture for now, but the amount of force your wrist will be getting if you push through with playing volleyball may cause an even bigger problem. As advised by the PA, let ... Read More »

For a memory chip size of 4096 by 8 how many pages is on the chip?

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What is the aid given to fracture?

Splint the fracture in the position found.

What is the first aid for a leg fracture?

Remember that First Aid is all about stabilization and transport -- we aren't going to actually treat a leg fracture in the field. That said...Check patient for airway, breathing, cardiac, bleeding... Read More »