What is a chimney damper?

Answer A chimney damper is a device that seals your fireplace off from the outside when not in use to prevent heat or conditioned air from escaping. Traditional chimney dampers are metal and sit at the ju... Read More »

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What Is a Yaw Damper?

According to Pilot, a yaw damper is a servo that will move a rudder when a gyroscope or accelerometer detects yaw rate. The result of having a yaw damper is less motion due to turbulenc... Read More »

What is a fireplace damper?

Fireplace dampers can create a draft and cause your fire to burn too hot, too cold--or just right, if operated properly. Closing a damper at the appropriate time helps keep the house warm, and the ... Read More »

What is a damper on a furnace?

A damper on a furnace is a type of device that controls the amount of airflow through the furnace and chimney. Without them, the fire would burn out of control and create a potentially dangerous si... Read More »

What Causes a Steering Damper to Fail?

Steering dampers, also called stabilizers, are an integral part of a motorcycle's steering system. Essentially, a steering damper is a miniature shock absorber. Unlike other shock absorbers, which ... Read More »