What is a child molester?

Answer Nearly everyone knows what a child molester is intuitively. It is someone who touches a child in a sexual manner. But it is also a legal term that requires further definition and may vary from stat... Read More »

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What makes a person a child molester?

There are 6 types of sex offenders (male offenders, female offenders, adolescent offenders, child offenders, incestuous offenders, Internet offenders)

How does a child molester force a child into a situation?

It depends. They don't always "force" children in the most common sense of the term. One thing they do is "groom" the child for what they intend. They befriend them, buy them gifts, and so on. Then... Read More »

What is the penalty for child molester in the state of Tennessee?

Answer there will always be molesters everywhere in the world. you should check the sex offenders rated for Tennessee cause you never know what or who is out there. go to google type sex offenders... Read More »

How to Recognize a Child Molester?

One of parents' greatest fears is that someone might try to sexually abuse their children, and identifying a child molester can be difficult. Predators can exhibit numerous characteristics, includi... Read More »