What is a chief information officer?

Answer Ever read an article or journal, run across the acronym CIO and wonder what it stands for? It's a business acronym that stands for "chief information officer," and is considered a top-level executi... Read More »

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Who is the DoD Component Chief Information Officer?

According to DoD Directive 8000.01 (January 2009): Each DoD Component shall have a CIO who reports directly to the Head of the Component. The component CIOs are appointed by the heads of the DoD c... Read More »

Description of a Chief Information Officer?

Chief information officers are highly-placed, well-paid executive officers in majorcorporations. They help plan and coordinate overall technological direction and are answerable to the chief execut... Read More »

Job Functions of a Chief Information Officer?

With all the acronyms in the corporate world, including CEO, CFO and CIO, it's sometimes difficult to know who does what within a corporation. The CIO is the chief information officer, and understa... Read More »

Is the Component Chief Information Officer the DAA?

The answer depends on which branch of the service you are talking about. According to paragraph 5.10.4 of DOD Directive 8500.01, Heads of DoD Components shall: 5.10.4. Appoint DAAs for all DoD inf... Read More »