Do you pronounce it Chick-Fil-AY or Chick-Fil-uh?

Answer chick-fil-ay

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What are the best foods for a pregnant chick?

Whatever she wants. Trust me on this. You can have all the good healthy things that are recommended by every doctor, but goshdangit, if she wants froot loops, she's not gonna care that granola is h... Read More »

What is song used for chick fix sky living promo?

Two Door Cinema Club - 'Something Good Can Happen'

A chick complains about the bedroom TV being Black & White. What do you do?

what about option D. tell her if it's such a problem, to get a job and buy a big color TV instead. and while she's at it, you'd really prefer a plasma screen.

What does Chick-fil-a pay PER HOUR working as a regular employee/ What should I put on application as wage...?

When I started at Chick-fil-a a few years ago minimum wage was 7.25 and I started out making 7.50. Just put that you are expecting minimum wage. They really don't take into consideration what you p... Read More »