What is a cherry bomb turbo muffler?

Answer Replacing a muffler is rarely good for any significant horsepower. The Cherry Bomb Turbo muffler is a great choice for budget-minded hot rodders and is sure to return that mellifluous exhaust note ... Read More »

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Does a Cherry Bomb Turbo muffler have glass packing?

The Cherry Bomb Turbo muffler is not a glass pack muffler. The turbo muffler offer reverse flow of the exhaust. Glass pack mufflers offer a free-flow system that has no back pressure. The Cherry Bo... Read More »

How to Install a Cherry Bomb Muffler?

The Cherry Bomb muffler is part of the exhaust system of a car. The purpose of the Cherry Bomb muffler is to reduce toxic emissions and increase the noise of the vehicle. The car noise is louder w... Read More »

What is the loudest Cherry Bomb muffler?

Cherry Bomb extreme mufflers give the loudest sound to your vehicle's exhaust. The focus of the Cherry Bomb extreme muffler's construction is exhaust flow, not sound control. They are made with spe... Read More »

Is a turbo a muffler?

A turbo is not the same as a muffler. A turbocharger helps create more combustible air in the engine to give the vehicle more power, while a muffler dampens the sound of the engine's exhaust. A "tu... Read More »