What is a cheetah's natural habitat?

Answer Cheetahs can live in several kinds of habitats, including open woodlands, semi-deserts and savannas. They are most often found in eastern and southern Africa. Namibia has the highest population of ... Read More »

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Natural Habitat & Man-Made Habitat Differences?

Man-made and natural habitats refer to environments where several species live. How these environments are built up is different, but they both sustain life. A natural habitat is untampered with by... Read More »

Ostrich's Natural Habitat?

The tallest and heaviest of the birds on earth, the ostrich cannot fly and depends on its many adaptations to survive. Found only in Africa, the ostrich can weigh as much as 287 lbs., states the Sa... Read More »

What Is the Natural Habitat of a Dolphin?

"Dolphins have been declared the world's second most intelligent creatures after humans, with scientists suggesting they are so bright that they should be treated as 'non-human persons,'" Jonathan ... Read More »

What Is an Eagle's Natural Habitat?

The Hinterland Who's Who website says that of the 59 eagle species that exist worldwide, only the bald eagle and the golden eagle inhabit North America. The bald eagle, the national symbol of the U... Read More »