What is a cheese maker called?

Answer A professional who makes cheese is referred to as either a "cheese maker" or "fromagere," the French term for cheese maker. An individual who sells cheese at a specialty shop or delicatessen is ca... Read More »

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Where can i find experienced and yogurt and cheese maker?

At a local farm where someone makes it: Mom and pop cheese producers and some of them might make yogurt as well.Some small producers sell their products at local Farmer's Markets and you can conne... Read More »

What state has the only program for master cheese maker?

Wisconsin has the only Master Cheesemaker program in the United States. The program requires candidates to pass seven courses and complete a three-year apprenticeship for each type of cheese in whi... Read More »

Should Swiss Cheese not made in Switzerland be allowed to be called Swiss Cheese?

Tecnically there is no "swiss cheese"......its called ementhaler. swiss chese is just an international name. if you go to switzerland and ask for swiss cheese, they will look at you like you are an... Read More »

What is a map maker called?

Map makers are called "cartographers" and they require specific skills and knowledge in geography, math and design in order to research, create, design, edit and produce maps of all kinds.Source:La... Read More »