What is a check register?

Answer A check register is a way to keep track of money in your checking account. It gives you a place to record deposits, withdrawals and what checks are written. Most check books will come with a check ... Read More »

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How do i create a check register?

Label SpreadsheetOpen a spreadsheet program on your computer. Open a new, blank spreadsheet. Starting with the first horizontal cell, B1, create the appropriate checkbook columns. B1 should be "Dat... Read More »

How to Check Register Worksheets?

Many consumers find balancing their checkbooks a challenge, but spreadsheet software can make the job a lot easier. Setting up a worksheet to keep track of your checkbook balance eliminates the pos... Read More »

How do I create a check register in Excel?

Format the SpreadsheetCreate column headings for seven categories. Make headings for check number or transaction type, date, payee name, check cleared (yes/no), debits (expenditures), credits (depo... Read More »

How do i make a check register in excel?

Column HeadingOpen a new Excel workbook. Enter in the column headings as they appear in a standard check register: "Date," "Item#," "Payee," "Debit," "Credit," and "Balance," as well as any others... Read More »