What is a charter county?

Answer A charter is a formal written document much like a constitution that outlines the powers, privileges and duties of the area it was written for. A charter county is a county that uses one of these d... Read More »

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Charter Schools in Alameda County, California?

Alameda County is located in the state of California, and its largest city is Oakland. The majority of charter schools in Alameda County are found in Oakland, but others can be found in Berkeley, F... Read More »

Union County, North Carolina Charter Schools?

In 2011 three percent of North Carolina's children attended charter schools, with a further 15,000 on waiting lists. Charter schools are non-fee paying. They operate free of many of the restriction... Read More »

How to Write a Charter School Proposal That Wins a Charter?

Even the most compelling idea for a new charter school needs a well-crafted proposal to make it more than a dream. The right proposal will convince education officials who have charter-granting aut... Read More »

How can you get your parental right's hearing changed to the county you live in now versus the county in which your divorce was filed?

Answer The person must petition the court where the original divorce/custody hearing was given for a change of venue. There must be reasonable and substantiated evidence of why the change of venue ... Read More »