What is a characteristic of primary succession?

Answer Primary succession occurs in a barren area devoid of life forms. Incoming species migrate due to a change in conditions, and the process of succession continues until the ecological community reac... Read More »

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What is a primary succession?

Ecological succession is essentially the change that occurs to the biology of an ecological community. Primary succession occurs when a new organism, foreign to an ecosystem, invades that area and ... Read More »

What does order of primary succession mean?

When an environment that has been devoid of life become animate, the phases in which living organisms introduce themselves into that environment and change it over time is called the order of prima... Read More »

First Organisms to Appear During Primary Succession?

Lichens are the first organisms to appear in an area during Primary Succession. This stage of ecological development is when the first form of life takes hold in a place formerly devoid of it. The ... Read More »

What is the difference between primary&secondary succession?

Primary succession is the migration of new species into a barren area, while secondary succession takes place where species are already established. Primary succession happens in areas denuded by ... Read More »